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Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus (MWPC) is proud to endorse Bukia Chalvire for Peabody City Council At-Large. We need bold leaders like Bukia Chalvire who not only embody their community’s core values, but who recognize that transforming the face of our government is critical. We need more women in office because representation matters. Leading by example matters. We are confident that Bukia Chalvire is a strong leader who will act with care, urgency, and competence as Peabody’s City Councilor. A vote for Bukia Chalvire is a vote for Peabody’s brighter future.

Thank you for your commitment to transforming the face of our government. We are grateful to you and the other courageous female candidates across the Commonwealth running for election this year. Representation in government matters, and we are proud to back such a strong, competent leader who cares deeply about their community. You are still the exception, not the norm, in a state where fewer than 31% of state offices are held by women. The Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus is thrilled to endorse your campaign and we look forward to celebrating your victory in the fall!


      - Samantha Kelly

           Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus PAC Chair 2021 -2022


To Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus

I am honored to receive the endorsement of the MWPC PAC and am committed to fighting for my community and for the causes that matter most to women in our Commonwealth.

Thank You;

      -Bukia Chalvire


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