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A Strong Voice for the Citizens of Peabody

Committed To:


Small Business


A thriving local economy depends on a vibrant small business community.  I will work to ensure that our small business community has a seat at the table. I believe it’s vital to have an open dialogue with our small business partners so that I can understand their concerns. I want to partner and meet with them on a quarterly basis and will encourage the members of the city council to participate. 




Mental health disorders are rising amongst our youth.  I would like to explore the feasibility of a part time mental health and social emotional support specialist for our students.  I have experienced this with my own school aged children and the frustration of obtaining the necessary resources to help them. 




Ensure that Peabody remains affordable for our senior citizens, working class families and our small business partners.  We are fortunate to live in a city where our tax rate is relatively low compared to the cities and towns in our surrounding area. 


Responsible Local Government


Increase transparency and accountability in our local government. I would like to hold periodic office hours at the Peabody Institute Library for our residents.  It’s important that elected officials stay engaged with their residents. We need to understand their issues and offer resolutions whenever possible.  Not everyone is on social media.   In person, open dialogue, I feel would be a positive avenue to take. 


As a community that possesses diversity, hard work, determination, pride, and love for the City of Peabody, we can accomplish unlimited success. I am excited and ready to work on your behalf if given the opportunity. 


I respectively ask for your Vote on Tuesday November 7, 2023.


Thanks for submitting!

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