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Supporting Peabodys Local Business 


"A thriving local economy depends on the success of Small Business in one’s City or Town. When we elect Bukia Chalvire to the City Council, the Peabody Small Business Community will have a voice and a friend representing them. We respectfully ask for 1 of your 5 votes on Nov 2"

    -Bukia "Kia" Chalvire Peabody Councilor at Large

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All Pro Detailing

241 Newbury St, Peabody, MA

Create & Escape 

71 Main St, Peabody, MA

Rich Cuts

15 Main St, Peabody, MA

"Hello to all of my Peabody friends and family! I had a great pleasure today to meet Bukia Chalvire. Who’s running for Peabody council at large. She stop bye to Introduce herself and speak about how she represents small businesses in our city and the residents. As a business owner and resident of this city, this is the first time that a council at large candidate has came to

speak about making changes and helping small businesses achieve their goals. I’m impressed and proud to support her in this year election! Small businesses are the back bone of this city and country! Help support local family owned businesses! Thanks again Bukia Chalvire"

     - Armando Giannasca (All Pro Detailing) 

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Santoro's Of Peabody

41 Main St, Peabody, MA

Nails by Andria 

88 Main St, Peabody, MA

Granite Coast Brewing 

77 Main St unit b, Peabody, MA

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